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The patented CheckEZ Inspection Frame allows HVAC technicians to inspect the evaporative coil on most any furnace cabinet, making it quicker an easier to take static pressure readings and to inspect the top of the furnace heat exchanger.


Our patented CheckEZ Inspection Frames help contractors

sell maintenance contracts, properly set up new installs, help

make service technicians more efficient, and give home owners

piece of mind.


  •  4 access holes, one on each side for easy access

         to inspect the coil from any side.


  •  Frames can be powder coated to our standard Gray for an

         overall nicer appearance.


  •  Inspection ports can be used for taking temperature

         measurements during setup and maintenance.

  • Inspection ports can be used to take static pressure readings.

  • Inspection ports can be used to take carbon monoxide readings.


  • Currently nobody is inspecting the evaporative coil on a split system. Easy way to ensure the inspections can be done.


  • Cost effective way to make sure the evaporative coil can be inspected.


  • Easy way to have access to inspect the top of the heat exchanger on any furnace.


  • With annual inspection of the evaporative coil the HVAC technician can make sure the equipment is performing at the best possible efficiency.


  • Condensate drain elevated off of the top of the furnace for easier piping.


  • A/C coil drain pan is raised off of the top of the furnace heat exchanger for a longer life.



We will have 4 sizes of frames. 14-1/2", 17-1/2",
21", and 24-1/2".

These 4 sizes should fit any furnace manufacturer’s
furnace cabinet.


The CheckEZ only adds 1-3/4" to the installation height.


Aaron Davalos
IQAir / Educate MD's, ND's, IAQ and HVAC companies about  medical grade air purifiers for their patients/customers

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Thanks for doing something the factories should have been doing for the past 30 years!!!

                             Alan Givens

                        Parrish Services

 As the owner of an HVAC business, I try to make sure the company is the best in the business. I found that I was not being completely honest with my HVAC clients we sell maintenance agreement to.


A maintenance agreement is a way to help protect your hvac clients investment and as an exchange for doing maintenance on your clients HVAC equipment they remain your client. A maintenance agreement consists of checking several parts of the furnace or air conditioning equipment depending on the time of the year you are doing the maintenance.


However, one thing that is routinely never checked is the evaporative coil above the furnace on a hvac system. The reason the evaporative coil is never checked, is there is not a good way to look at the coil. I thought there has to be a way to be able to check the evaporative coil without tearing the system apart, taking valuable time.


Therefore, we invented the CheckEZ Inspection Frame. The CheckEZ Inspection Frame is a simple product that can be added to any hvac system. The four inspection ports make it very easy to look at the evaporative coil. The ports can also be used to take temperature readings in heating or cooling, take static pressure readings, measure carbon monoxide, look at the top of the heat exchanger and the frame elevates the evaporative coil off of the furnace heat exchanger preventing damage to the drain pan.


Not only can we now provide a way for service technicians to do several checks to the hvac system, we as contractors can be Honest with our clients. 

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