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Installation Instructions

Edges of the CheckEZ Inspection Frame
may be sharp.


Use caution not to

cut yourself while installing the frame.

"Much needed and almost never routinely checked."

Robert Rizen
General Manager of Indoor Air Quality Services

1) Remove the CheckEZ Inspection Frame from the box.

Inspect the frame to make sure the insulation and

rubber grommets are in place.


2) Test fit the frame on top of the furnace.

The front of the frame has no flange on the bottom.


Place the frame on the furnace with the cut out flange

down and to the front of the furnace. Make sure there

are no screws interfering with the fit of the frame.


3) While the CheckEZ is on top of the furnace, set the

evaporative coil on the top rail of the CheckEZ. Once again, make sure there are no screws interfering with the fit. It may be necessary to notch the top flange if there are screws protruding from the coil.


4) After the test fit has been completed, remove the coil from the CheckEZ. Remove the CheckEZ from the top of the furnace. Place one strip of foam tape on the bottom rail of the CheckEZ and install the CheckEZ on top of the furnace.


5) Place one strip of foam tape on the top rail of the CheckEZ and place the coil on the rail.

Tests and Inspection

1) Remove the rubber grommet from any accessible side.

2) Insert inspection device through the inspection port.

3) Once inspection is complete, replace the rubber grommet in the inspection port.

An HVAC service technician can also use the inspection ports to accurately take temp rise of the furnace, static pressure readings, carbon monoxide. HVAC installers can easily install uncased coils.

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